Free enterprise isn’t free. And the truth is, things are fragile in Florida.

There are those who would have you believe Florida’s success is due only to the beauty of our natural resources, no personal income tax, our white sandy beaches, and our world-famous sunshine. But experience has shown that Florida moves forward when our business community unites around the principle of free enterprise.

Florida stands on the precipice of a crisis once more. This time, short-term politics instead of long-term economic prosperity, combined with special interest agendas of environmental extremists, government unions, plaintiff trial lawyers and out-of-state billionaires with extreme agendas have made Florida’s position precarious.

For those interested in fighting against special interest and who believe in Florida’s future – we invite you to join us. The battle for free enterprise continues and we welcome your support.

Despite the unlimited resources of anti-business, anti-jobs groups, their policies of less freedom and less competitiveness have never worked – and they never will. We won’t give up the fight for what’s right for Florida – from the Florida Legislature to the Florida Cabinet.

When the battle is about what is best for Florida’s future, the Florida Chamber of Commerce’s Florida Jobs PAC is on the front lines.

When businesses stay unified, we win.

My best,

Mark Wilson


Florida Jobs PAC


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