"Blue Wave" Stagnant as GOP Outpaces Democrats in Ballot Returns

The latest vote-by-mail (VBM) numbers from the Florida Chamber's Early Voting Dashboard show nearly 65,000 ballots were turned in yesterday, bringing the total ballots returned to 641,228, or more than 24 percent of ballots requested. Nearly 1 in 20 eligible Florida voters have already returned a ballot.

The "Blue Wave" doesn't appear to have materialized yet as Democratic voters continue to lag behind Republicans in VBM returns. Republicans have returned nearly 300,000 ballots while Democrats have returned just over 250,000 ballots.

For Republicans, VBM turnout could account for 15 to 20 percent of total GOP ballots cast by election day. We should see a rapid acceleration of turnout as early voting kicks in throughout this week.

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