Republicans Pass More Than 30 Percent in VBM Returns, Democrats Continue to Lag Behind

The latest vote-by-mail (VBM) numbers from the Florida Chamber's Early Voting Dashboard show total ballots returned at 678,479, with Democratic returns still lagging behind Republicans by a significant margin. Republicans have returned 30.8 percent of requested ballots while Democrats have returned 24.8 percent.

Democratic women continue to turn in ballots at a much higher rate than Democratic men, showing that VBM is popular among that demographic. In fact, of requested ballots, Democratic women lead the way with 681,744 ballots compared to 555,246 among GOP women, 465,918 among GOP men and 390,103 among Democratic men.

Voters over 70 are dominating the return numbers with 48 percent of ballots returned, despite making up only 20 percent of the electorate.

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