Voters Holding on to Their Ballots Longer Than in 2016

The latest vote-by-mail (VBM) numbers from the Florida Chamber's Early Voting Dashboard show that total returned ballots have reached nearly 750,000 - however, returns are lagging behind the 2016 primary (non-presidential).

When looking at the numbers 13 days out from the primary in 2016, there had been 815,369 ballots returned. This year, Florida had returned nearly 137,000 less ballots 13 days out from the election despite the fact that ballot requests are higher than in 2016.

In 2016, Republicans had returned 395,411 ballots while Democrats had returned 312,952 13 days out from the primary. In 2018, Republicans have returned 315,642, a decrease of 79,769 from 2016, while Democrats have returned 268,653, a decrease of 44,299 from 2016.

It appears that voters are holding onto their ballots longer, possibly due to the high number of people who are undecided in key races.

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